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World Beyond WindowsEnd Microsoft Windows ? 2016 the year of Linux<empty>

Linux Mint
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World Beyond Windows

Microsoft have anounced that windows 7 support will end in January 2020 ... take action now before this period by switching to ... Linux... it looks and feels just like windows but has no virus issues, is faster, safer and easy to use.

No convinced ?

Already you use Linux but do not realise.... most carry mobile phones using android (which is Linux) or use Google as the search engine (Linux) or drive a car with a Linux based control system, or use a GPS (Linux) or visit web site of the government to pay taxes, register the car .... the list of Linux goes on and on already 99 % web sites are on Linux

Prefer Apple ? Guess what, the base of the OS X is Unix which is where Linux comes from



Comes with Libre Office as part of the system (Free), VLC for Films, Google, Firefox, opera all in the Linux camp

Other option ?

Buy a new computer .... Buy Windows 10 ... hmm...


End Microsoft Windows and the very near futureIn April 2014 the well loved operating system, Windows XP, arrived at the end of the product life cycle Windows Vista was the same in April 2017, now the same fait for windows 7 in January 2020. This is when Microsoft ended updates and support, Windows 7, XP and Vista will continue to work, so your computer will still be there to help you. . The problem is that there will be few new applications and more of a concern, many of the anti virus and anti spyware companies have indicated that they will no longer support 7, XP or Vista. In turn this means the likelihood of encountering problems will increase significantly, Windows 7 XP and Vista have become very soft targets for the virus and spyware makers.

It is interesting to note that even today most of the questions I see on Windows machines relate to virus and spyware issues.

You may find this a little unsettling but a more interesting show is about to unfold. Many large corporations and Government departments still commonly use 7 or XP. They have no special exemption or protection. It is hoped that they have a clear migration path in place or there will be a lot of organizations very exposed and some quite interesting headlines when it comes to the theft of money and information due to weak technology systems. A windows machine will become an easy target and in business a lucrative one for exploit as well.

linux mintLinux is the answerSo it is suggested that if you have an Windows machine you need to think forward and actually do something. If your response is 'well ok but I have no money to buy a new computer' there are solutions. You could run a version of Linux called Linux Mint, for free and the applications are free. They will also run on your existing computer. They are very stable and will read your existing data. Many of the programs are very similar to what you are used to so the learning curve is small.

Whatever you do, do not use pirated software. Often it has hidden built in spyware. You may find it an attraction but it will ultimately turn round and bite.

This migration path can be a bit frightening for some. If you know that you want to make a move and would like assistance then just ask. I can help you decide what to do. I can help you install Linux if that is what you prefer. I can help you find free open source software if you upgrade on Windows and need to replace some applications.

I offer the following service -

  • Backup of all files - documents, images etc
  • Removal of Microsoft Windows
  • Installation of Linux system (Linux Mint)
  • Reloading of your files
  • Testing of the systems

This is usually a 4 hour process - so needs to be done in my workshop.

Contact me now to discuss a solution for YOU..


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